"You Remain" Resources

"When the fire is gone, hope is starting to fade, YOU REMAIN"

As I've travelled across the country sharing my personal story, I've heard from many people affected by life circumstances similar to mine. I wanted to create a place to share resources that have helped me overcome hardships and trials in my personal journey. 

I hope you find this page filled with encouragement, resources, and even the chance to hear other people’s stories of victory with a community of believers. Check out the resources below and be sure to download the 7-day devotional from YouVersion Bible App.

About Tim Timmons

Ask anyone sitting in a church pew on a Sunday morning if they believe in Jesus and the response is most always ‘yes.’ But ask them if they follow Jesus, REALLY follow him, and the question becomes tougher to answer. On his Reunion Records debut, Cast My Cares, singer/songwriter, blogger and worship leader Tim Timmons takes a look at what it means to not only believe in Jesus, but to change the world by truly following Him.

“Following Jesus versus being a believer in Him is revolutionary,” Timmons says with a smile spreading across his face and his voice teeming with infectious energy. “I actually believe it will revolutionize the power of the Kingdom. What if the people who fill our weekend church services actually saw themselves as the church in the name, the power and the authority of Jesus as we walked out of that building? I get really excited just thinking about it...” 


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